Make Your Name Card Stand Out More With These Four Tips

by Jeff Marcea

Name card is an important item in exchanging business information. In this era where creativity is more recognized and regarded as important, people compete more and more in creating name cards that stand out compared to others and make sure that the name card represents their individual and company the best way possible.

Name card printing is highly demanded by companies and even individuals, and with the existing technology, it is more possible to create higher quality name cards with almost no limitation at all. Name cards can be printed however you want, even in shapes that are unorthodox if you want your name card to be. Your creativity is the only limit, that’s why it is important to pour the best effort in creating a name card that can create a lasting and positive impression toward the recipient for a more effective branding and marketing efforts. Please visit this page to find out more,

Bold colors

Using colors that are vivid and bright are good in catching attention, but that does not mean that colors like black is out of the question. It is daring, and it can give an elegant feel to your name card as long as it goes along with the image your company wishes to portray. If not, you can choose other colors that are equally eye-catching and make sure that your colors across all business stationery are uniform to create a coherent look.


It is one of the most popular types of finish. Usually, people opt for a UV coating that gives a glossy image and create a smooth surface, giving it an extra texture that is pleasant to touch. Your name card will be more remembered from its unique quality and it will have a higher durability compared to uncoated or matte name card. A name card with the coating will have better resistance to tearing and crumpling as well as moisture, thus it won’t get worn down easily over time.

Embossing and Debossing

This is another type of finish that you can choose to create a different unique texture to your name card. Embossing means making a higher surface for certain area or element of your name card, such as certain text or image. On the other hand, debossing does the opposite. Using embossing or debossing in the right way will make your card look nicer and more professional, leading people to focus on a certain aspect of your cards such as the name of your company or its logo to leave a stronger impression on people.

Textured Card Stock

The choice of paper for your name card is very important. Of course, you can always choose normal untextured paper. But using textured paper, your card will feel different compared the others, and it will make your card look more expensive, representing how proper your company is, making you look more proper and credible as a business partner.

The options that you can do to make a more interesting name card can be combined with one another to create a more distinct look. However remember not to overdo it. Have fun with designing your personalized name card! You can visit Kiasu Print Pte Ltd to find out more about them.

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