Beginners Guide to Applying Wall Stickers

by Ollie Shaw

When you plan to apply a decal on your wall as a beginner, you need to know it requires skill and the knowledge to do it well. This piece will give you a step-by-step guide to enable you to do that conveniently. Ensure you take your time to read it to the end for a custom sticker.

First, to make this a success, you need a few things, which include the sheet of the decal, a dried but clean wall, a smoothing tool like a credit card, measuring tape, Scissors, and a tag or sellotape. Once these items are made available, the next thing is to swing into action.

Begin by cleaning the wall with a clean cloth and ensuring there are no particles on the wall. Scrape all forms of previous addictives on the wall.

Next is to measure the wall from top to bottom and then mark out where you want to place the decal. If you aim to put the decal at the center, this is a crucial step to know the exact location. But if the place doesn’t matter to you, you may as well skip this step.

After marking the location, please pick up the decal sheet and carefully place it at the place you marked. Hold it with the sellotape at the top of the decal sheet only. Now take a step backward and see if it is where you want it to be. If so, then continue and if not, adjust it.

Then raise it from the bottom as if you want to take it off. Do this gradually to turn the reverse side in a way to remove the back cover. Carefully remove the back glued to the decal. Make sure you don’t lose the design to the back. If the design seems to elope with the back, use the smoothing tool to press it on the sheet and reopen it carefully. Do that until you have successfully removed the back sheet without the design going with the back sheet.

Now, carefully place the decal design on the wall using the smoothing tool or credit card. Use the credit card to ensure a firm placement on the wall without any undulating hips on the decal sheet. Once you can do this for all the decal sheet parts, then the job is almost done.

The last step is where you remove the decal sheet from top to bottom. As you remove it, the decal design must have transferred to the wall. Parts are not yet assigned, repaste it, use the smoothing tool or credit card to press it spirally and gently, and then remove it again. With that, it will impress on the wall. Do this for every part of the decal sheet till all the design has been transferred to the wall.

So, that is it. It is as simple as those steps listed above. Anyone can do it, and you can if you follow these steps.

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