5 Simple Tricks For Healthy Holiday Eating

by Jeff Marcea

Holidays are those special times of the year that everyone gets endless options for delicious foods. While these celebrations and feasts are worth looking forward to, most people find it hard to eat healthy, which may tax the arteries and strain the waistline. If you’re anxious about eating during holidays, here are five tricks to help you eat healthily.

  1. Don’t skip breakfast Many people think it’s a smart decision to skip breakfast and lunch, so they devour extravagant holiday dishes to their heart’s content. The problem with skipping meals in anticipation of tasty holiday dishes is that it spikes your risk of elevated blood sugar levels and increased waistline. In addition, experts say those that go without food earlier in the day are likely to binge on even more. So what should you do? Make sure you eat breakfast or grab some snacks before midday so your body can be better prepared for the delicious holiday meals you’re looking forward to. 
  1. Drink enough water: Because holidays are a period for people to relax and unwind, most people tend to be carried away by the food and drinks that they forget to drink water. Alcohol is a diuretic, which is why you often go to the toilet when you drink a significant amount of it. This strips your body of key electrolytes and may result in a terrible hangover. Rather than drink alcohol, you might want to drink plenty of water so you can stay hydrated. Staying hydrated means your mental capacity will be enhanced, and your body will be able to flush toxins easily.
  2. Go for nutrient-dense foods: Another trick for healthy holiday eating is to fill your plate with nutrient-dense foods. Understandably, you may crave foods like green bean casserole, pizza, white bread, fried and grilled foods, processed meat, and more. While it is okay to eat these foods occasionally and moderately, nutritionists advise that you stay away from them because they can wreak havoc on your health in the long run. Rather, go for highly nutritious foods like cranberries, turkey, green beans, sweet potatoes, shrimp cocktail, potatoes, and more. 
  3. Make a healthy food swap: Another way to cut fat and calories without sacrificing taste during the holidays is to tweak classic dishes. For instance, you can skip full-fat dips with yogurt dips or substitute some alcohol calories for wine Spritzer. You can also skip dark meat and eat white meat turkey or ditch traditional gravy for low-fat gravy. The goal is to avoid as many calories and fats as possible while getting lots of nutrients. 
  4. Only eat the foods that you love: Many people often eat certain foods because they are compelled to or because it is a tradition or just because it’s a habit they’re accustomed to. The simple truth is that we all have our preferences, and you mustn’t deprive yourself of something that you crave. It’s a once-a-year indulgence. You might as well take full advantage of the opportunity, but make sure you keep Femito handy to prevent any digestive issues that may arise. 


Most people tend to eat junks and even overeat during holidays, which increase the likelihood of bloating, stomach ache, gastric issues, and more. If you want to eat healthily, follow the tips above and be sure to invest in www.femito.com so you can enjoy the holidays.  

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