2021’s Trends: Blue Eyeliner!

by Ollie Shaw

Both fashion and beauty are all about innovation and thinking outside the box. We all know that there are classic looks that will never go out of styles such as red lipstick and black eyeliner, but what about new looks and variations of those old trends? How could you create a make-up look that catches everyone’s attention right away with only some color on your eyes?

Here in Brandcosme we know that blue eyeliner has been trending these past few months during 2021 and doesn’t seem it will stop any time soon. But why? Well, this color causes such a great impact on your face, and you could even play with different shades to get that amazing magnetic look! For example, in order to look more casual, you could use navy blue or just use bright blue if you would love for everyone to stop and stare at your eyes!

Break the routine!

Many of us keep using black eyeliner for every occasion once and once again, but what about those nights that you would love to try out something new? Upgrade your classic make-up look with some blue eyeliner and put your liner’s skills to test! From a black little dress outfit to just a plain white shirt and some denim jeans, you could find some blue shade that could perfectly combine with your whole outfit.

Which shades to use?

Dior has created a whole eyeshadow palette which everyone into blue eyeliner should have! Dior’s 5 Couleurs Eyeshadow Denim Palette has four different blue shades for you to play around and look at which one looks best with your outfit. Try out different eyeliner styles in order to find the one which looks best with the shape of your eye.

If you are into eyeliner pencils, Chanel’s Stylo Yeux Waterproof Pencil does not disappoint. Its shade Marine will definitely look amazing in an effortless way on every outfit you wear. If you would like to add some intensity to your look, blend the ends of your waterline. And what is best about it is that there is no risk about getting it all smudge on your face, so you will be looking astonishing for the whole night!

Night outfit?

If you are getting into the whole blue eyeliner trend and would love to try it out during a night date, then it is your time to shine. There are many ways to seduce and impress on a night outfit, but the make-up should always be flawless. If your outfit looks pretty basic and you are feeling a bit bold, then you could try a metallic navy-blue eyeliner and play with your eyeshadow too! Let your eyes be the main character for the night!

There are many people that do not use tons of make-up products in their everyday look but will simply put some eyeliner on and go to work. The blue eyeliner may be a 2021’s trend, but it looks like something we will keep applying to our make-up looks for years and years! You can visit Brandcosme.com to find out more.

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